Know Your Design Biases


I’m a sucker for Frenchie furniture. I love feminine lines, the movement of a curved back, and most decor that could be linked back to the sensuous style of Louis XV. But in decorating, one must know her biases. With my curvaceous Greyson sofa arriving next week (long story, to be continued) and my beloved 1940s French chairs poised to face it, my living room needed a piece to separate the two and break the theme. After hunting for coffee tables for a few months now–it became clear to me; I needed a brickmaker’s table. A rectangular steel base with a coarse wood plank top: it’s the antithesis of girly and just the thing to curb my dainty living room design.


Brickmaker’s tables have become insanely popular in home design (I generally try not to buy trendy furniture, but I’m hoping the simplicity of this piece gives it some staying power) and Restoration Hardware, Sundance, and Mecox Gardens (to name a few) all have lovely options but steeper price tags than my flea marketers heart can handle.

This is a no frills table; did it really need to be $1,400?

Not according to the upstate New York furniture company, SKALNY. I spotted their booth at the last New York Gift Fair, and to my delight, their brickmaker’s table was retailing at a mere $600. The elm top is made from reclaimed wooden doors and the steel base is thin, angular, and wonderfully industrial. I’m sure bricks were never made here but the raw look is enough for me.

To place orders for so-called SKALNY table #81211, call Sylvester & Co. at 631-725-5012. They can drop ship to any location in the country (table is $600, plus the cost of shipping).